IN THE MONEY: Microsoft’s Gaming Revenue Tops $10 Billion!

IN THE MONEY: Microsoft’s Gaming Revenue Tops $10 Billion!


Microsoft’s “aggressive” investment in developing its presence in the gaming world is certainly paying dividends. It told shareholders that on Wednesday that it is pursuing an “expansive opportunity, from the way the games are created and distributed to how they’re played and viewed.” It’s investing aggressively in content, community, and cloud services and as part of this strategy has also added seven new gaming studios to bolster its first-party lineup, including Fallout New Vegas developer Obsidian Entertainment and Wasteland developer inXile Entertainment.

Most of the meeting was focused on a demonstration of the X Box’s new Adaptive Controller which recently won the Golden Joystick Award. Brendon Pratt, who streams and makes YouTube videos as The Hand Solo due the amputation of his left hand said; “I really think people on the outside looking in don’t understand is how much thought Microsoft has really put into this, not just on a hardware level but also on the software level. I can’t overstate how easy it is to set up the controller options. The packaging is made in a way that is easy for people with limited mobility, with things like large loops on the ends of the tape and no cable ties because they are a nightmare for people like myself.”

Also mentioned were Xbox Game Pass, its monthly gaming subscription service, and Project xCloud, its future streaming gaming platform.

The $10 Billion contributed to an overall record year, with revenue growing over 14% to $110 billion.

Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella is understandably pleased with the companies results: “I’m proud of the progress we’ve made in the past fiscal year as we innovate and help our customers with their digital transformation journey. I’m even more optimistic about our tremendous opportunity that lies ahead. We’re living in a very crucial time in history where the impact of digital technology on every part of our daily lives and work and that every aspect of our society and economy is even more acute.”

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