Indie Overview: Enter the Gungeon

Indie Overview: Enter the Gungeon


A fun, colourful and enjoyable-to-play take on the dungeon crawler genre, Enter the Gungeon proves its still just as enjoyable over two years later.

When it comes to the genre of ‘dungeon crawler’, there are a wide variety of games that come to mind – from the medieval horror style of Diablo to the popular and heavily religion-inspired Binding of Isaac. Enter the Gungeon, on launch, was a new and unique way to experience the ‘crawler’ genre that still holds up today.

So, what makes this indie title different from the others on the dungeon crawler list? The primary thing that sets Enter the Gungeon apart is its sense of style, building a unique world and likeable characters from the randomly-generated walls it builds. Everything, from enemies to shopkeepers, has their own unique character and personality that instantly endears you to the world.

Upon being placed into the world of the Gungeon, you are given a choice between playable characters, each with their own unique skillset and abilities to discover. Each of these adventurers are tasked with discovering the mysteries of the Gungeon, in the hope of eventually freeing themselves and changing their past.

Of course, Enter the Gungeon isn’t all about style; it also has a lot of substance and replayability built in, thanks in part to its randomly generated level design but also due to the difficulty of the game. While practised players will now be able to defeat each boss quickly and easily, on launch the difficulty level of these boss battles was no joke – and they continue to be a fun challenge for new players.

For fans of traditional hack-and-slash dungeon crawlers, the game’s ‘bullet hell’ approach to combat will be a new and interesting twist, while fans of series like Binding of Isaac will instantly recognise the projectile-heavy gameplay as similar to the title with a few subtle differences. There’s something highly enjoyable about trying out each weapon you come across, and exploring the Gungeon to its fullest.

With a dedicated and passionate fanbase, Dodge Roll Games has continued to release additional content and DLC for the popular crawler, much to the delight of their fans, with the most recent expansion – Advanced Gungeons and Draguns – adding even more to enjoy from the title in 2018.

For fans of fast-paced, high-speed dungeon crawlers, Enter the Gungeon is definitely still worth picking up, even a few years after release. While there have been many inspired titles and imitators, this solid title still remains one of the best out there.

Enter the Gungeon is available on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch for £10.99, with a collectors edition available through Steam for under £20.

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  • LioN


    10th January 2019

    Absolutely love this game, would definitely recommend it for switch. Although it is a difficult one to progress through!


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