Indie Overview: Kingdom Two Crowns

Indie Overview: Kingdom Two Crowns


A continuation of Kingdoms’ tried and true formula, Kingdom Two Crowns brings a breath of fresh air to the micro simulator genre.

With some clever added features, familiar gameplay elements and overall a game that feels as good to play as it looks, Kingdom Two Crowns is another title that developer Noio can be proud of, as they step their formula up a notch thanks to new mechanics and free DLC that’s sure to impress.

As with past iterations of Kingdom, Kingdom Two Crowns is an extension on their previous gameplay, but while fans and supporters of Kingdoms’ original title, Kingdom Classic, gained access to the New Lands sequel for free, this new title has differentiated itself enough to justify that £15.49 price tag.

Kingdom Two Crowns is, at its most basic, a strategy simulator game on a miniature level, in which you play the king or queen expanding your reach. In order to succeed, and protect your new subjects from the nebulous and evil-looking Greed, you must build your walls, expand your reach and ultimately move on to conquer land after land, filling up the royal coin purse as you go.

One of the main, and much-promoted, changes in Kingdom Two Crowns is the ability to play co-op both locally and online, a function that’s executed well across all its console releases as well as within its PC version and largely features in much of the promotional material for the game.

Allowing other players to drop in and out of your world, Terraria-style, is a nice change of pace. The is especially the case with the new title balanced for longer and more intense play styles, with individual buildings and functions costing much more to create. It’s the perfect way to get more from your campaign without sacrificing more challenging gameplay and is better-implemented than you might expect.

For many players and fan, though, it isn’t really Kingdom Two Crowns’ co-op addition that makes the new title that bit more special. Noio has been hard at work behind the scenes introducing brand-new DLC for the title, which was available on release free of charge and completely changes the world of Kingdom.

Taking you from a medieval fantasy world to a beautiful feudal Japan setting, with the aptly titled ‘Shogun’ DLC, you can start your next campaign somewhere entirely different. Every aspect of the world is overhauled, from the trees to the animals through to the peasants you recruit and the buildings you create.

With Noio promising further DLCs along these lines, it’s already possible to experience Kingdom in two entirely different ways – with hopefully many more to come.

As well as providing a host of new and exciting features, Kingdom also retains some familiarity in its latest title, with many of the mechanics slightly tweaked or precisely the same as previous titles. There is more to do within the world itself, from creating fire barrels for your catapults to recruiting spearmen and even taming griffons and other magical beasts as your mount.

But for those already familiar with the series, the gameplay in Kingdom Two Crowns will feel very familiar, if not a little more polished. The latest title from Noio was released on the 11th of December and is well worth a purchase via Steam – or for console fans, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One versions are also available.

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