Indie Overview: Wavey the Rocket

Indie Overview: Wavey the Rocket


Old-school graphics, catchy music and simple gameplay make up this upcoming indie title, in a small yet powerful package.

Hyper-stylised, nostalgic to look at and with gameplay that’s just the right side of challenging, Wavey the Rocket is one of the most unique games to come out of the indie scene for 2018. Heavily inspired by classic gaming titles and arcade-style gameplay, Wavey will feel both new and familiar at the same time to long-time gamers.

The basics of Wavey’s gameplay is simple; rather than the overblown, narrative-heavy stories you can expect from many indie titles, this new entry instead puts all its focus on the gameplay itself, as you navigate through increasingly difficult puzzles and levels that challenge you at every turn.

This connection to old-school arcade gaming is part of the charm of Wavey the Rocket. With a difficulty curve that’s more mountainous than a gentle slope, and the introduction to the style of play itself taking place in one brief tutorial section; similar to other successful indie titles such as Super Meat Boy, that requires heavy repetition to get it all just right.

The first title to come out of indie studio UpperRoom games, this title is an ambitious and memorable way to insert the new studio into the minds and hearts of gamers by producing something that’s truly unique within the current market.

The atmosphere of Wavey is further improved by an expertly chosen and designed soundtrack, that is entirely on-point for the style of game UpperRoom have worked hard to create. By utilising a well-balanced combination of visuals and sound design, Wavey truly comes alive when you take the time to immerse yourself in the experience entirely.

Simple yet effective design choices are one of the ways in which Wavey the Rocket truly captures the attention of indie fans, and they don’t make the mistake of cluttering up your overview with vast reams of data or unnecessary information, instead opting for a clear-cut and clean interface that’s easy to navigate and understand at a glance.

As with all early access titles, there are still a few bugs to squash and gameplay features to balance in Wavey the Rocket. In the case of this indie title, in particular, the gameplay can often be a little less than fully considered or easy to navigate, with mouse controls, in particular, feeling relatively unintuitive and challenging to play with.

This, combined with such a steep increase in difficulty, can create frustration even in the early levels; where you’re relegated to slowing down and considering your moves rather than streaming on ahead and meeting an early demise to the next wall, bump or hurdle.

With a game such as Wavey, that seems to be designed to be played fast, this slow pace can really break your immersion and enjoyment, even once you’ve grasped the controls to a pretty good level and have a solid understanding of how to control the gameplay.

In short, Wavey the Rocket is a uniquely designed, intriguing and nostalgic indie title; and an excellent example of what an indie studio can do to stand out. Despite some slight niggles and frustrations with the pace of play itself, Wavey shows a great deal of promise; and is well worth keeping tabs on up to its release.

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