Indie Overview: West of Loathing

Indie Overview: West of Loathing


Silly-walk and smooth-talk your way across the frontier with Asymmetric Publications’ West of Loathing

Laugh-out-loud funny, cleverly written and with some of the best gags in gaming, West of Loathing is a must for fans of games on the comedy side, with references to anything from Monty Python to previous Asymmetric titles included in one western-style bundle.

Taking its cues from the past game in the Loathing series, the browser-based Kingdom of Loathing, the studio’s next title took their commitment to the next level, with releases on PC, Mac, Linux and most recently the Nintendo Switch – with plans to bring the game to iOS in 2018.

Combining turn-based gameplay you’d expect from a classic RPG with a distinctive, simple style, West of Loathing might not seem much to look at when you first play it, but it’s all in the details and the cleverly written storylines that make this game a fan favourite and still more than replayable a year after release.

The game starts with you as a restless youth looking to start your life on the new frontier, leaving behind your family farm and heading west to seek your fortune/have an adventure/fill in the blank here. From that point onward, you’re met with peril and varmints at every turn, from simple bandits to the creepy and mysterious necromancers.

Whatever your play style, West of Loathing has something for you, taking its structure and classic gameplay style from the standard skill-building set, with the ability to level up in anything from sweet talking to botany to provide you with a unique experience every time you play through.

And of course, like any classic RPG, how you play the game is up to you. You can either start out your adventure as the standard cow puncher, equipped with raw melee strength and angry fists, the mystical bean slinger that harnesses the magical capabilities of the frontier’s favourite foodstuff, or simply take the path of the snake oiler, combining the power of moxie with a briefcase full of snakes to get the job done.

There’s more to explore in West of Loathing than the game initially gives away, too, with a variety of different side quests and plot points to explore, from what exactly happened when the cows came home to the nefarious schemes of those fairground clowns.

If you love your gameplay with a healthy side of tongue-in-cheek humour, then West of Loathing is absolutely a title you should pick up; you certainly won’t find yourself short of moments that make you laugh or silly scenes that appeal to even the most serious of people. After all, who wouldn’t love a self-described game with disreputable saloons, several gulches and over 50 hats to choose from?

West of Loathing is available now through Steam for just £7.99, or for the Nintendo Switch eStore for the princely sum of £9.

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