Is the Video Game Industry Dying?

Is the Video Game Industry Dying?


The Video Game industry has died once before and also had a resurgence like a Phoenix rising through the ashes.  Currently, Video Games are suffering, companies like Konami, Activison-Blizzard and Take Two are starting to prioritise money over experience. This being the case, the idea that the industry is dying is not incorrect.

Money is what makes the world go round and it is also what makes Publishers create games. As everybody knows Video Games have changed, it is no longer selling somebody an all rounded fixed experience. Back in 1999 if you bought a game you would get the game with a complete story. Jump thirteen years into the future you would not be getting the full experience, games like Mass Effect 3 sold the real ending to the story after the game had been released, Tomb Raider Underworld stripped its story to sell it for an extra amount of money.  The beginning of the end came with Black Ops 2, and the idea of ‘Micro-Transactions’ these so-called ‘Mini-DLC’s’ came in the form of none game-changing skins and extra slots even though these did not make a big difference to Black Ops, they started the trend of Micro-Transactions and it can, and should be blamed for the downfall in AAA Gaming.


Even though some Developers/Publishers are more concerned about money than the experience of their customers; Indie Developers are staging a constant revolution against the idea that profit has a greater importance than the content in the game. If you consider Toby Fox, he developed a 30+ hour game by himself with can be played multiple times in different styles to create an entirely different experience. Whilst companies like EA/Konami churn out the same game every year without major difference or improvement and charge 60 pounds for it. This is personally why I believe the industry is dying. I wish I could say that I do not buy Fifa every year but I do. Companies like EA have found the perfect formula to bleed the customer and the industry dry by making their games obsolete every twelve months.

The Video Game Industry is dying whilst also thriving, it continues to grow every year, profits soar and more people buy games and consoles, however, do Video Games still have their integrity. Ubisoft is now shapeshifting from a company that used to adopt a method of ‘Pump and Dump’ when it came to games with yearly editions of games that were just Re-Skinned however they have now started to breathe some new life into series like Far-Cry and Assassins Creed. Even though I praise Ubisoft here, their games are riddled with Micro-Transactions and you can not escape these.


Even if you agree or disagree, with Micro-Transactions, you can not deny that they are a plague on the Gaming Industry. Games which are about skill become pay to win and they can not even claim for them to be just cosmetic. Call of Duty’s Micro-Transactions add boosts to guns, Battlefield lets you unlock all of the items in a class for a fee. If you do not buy Fifa Points then you can not buy better players to win. These block out the casual player or even people who can not afford to pay and give an absurd advantage to a 14 year old child with his parents bank card. At least with a season pass those who do not want to purchase it can play with others who are like minded. That is why I believe the Video Game Industry is dying, and the integrity has been lost.


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