Italian Basketball Team Links Up With Pro2Be Esports to Form Orlandina Esports

Italian Basketball Team Links Up With Pro2Be Esports to Form Orlandina Esports


Orlandina Basket, an Italian basketball team, has partnered with Pro2Be Esports to thrust themselves into the competitive gaming industry.

Pro2Be Esports is a player development company who will manage the Basketball team’s eSports sector, which will range from marketing to communication management. Orlandina Basket’s head of marketing, Giuseppe Lanfranchi, emphasises the dynamic of the team as the reason for entering into the partnership: “Orlandina Basket has a strategic vision of its clear future. The decision to land in the export market reflects the innovative spirit and dynamism of our company, which wants to expand its fan base and seize all the emerging business opportunities in the sport industry, including the esports.”

Co-founder of Pro2Be Esports, Roberto Forzano, commented: “We are pleased to have signed this important partnership with Orlandina Basket, and being the first in Italy to create an initiative of this kind is therefore a source of pride for us. We also thank the company for the trust shown. Getting to the top of the NBA2K title gives that extra strength to the initiative, but it will be just as important to feed this project day by day.”

Orlandina Esports will become the team’s roster, after the signing of the team once known as QM Nation. This newly formed outfit will represent the organisation in both offline and online competitions in the future.

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