League of Legends – Dragon Gate Banned From LMS For Match Fixing

League of Legends – Dragon Gate Banned From LMS For Match Fixing


A major case of match-fixing has rocked League of Legends, as Dragon Gate have been slapped with a permanent ban from the League Master Series.

A number of sanctions appear to have been handed out, with team owner Hu Wei-Jie being banned from being affiliated with any team whatsoever, whether that be a professional or amateur team, and regardless of whether it is in the League Master Series or in any form of tournament that has been sanctioned by Riot Games. Meanwhile, jungler Liu “JGY” Yang has received an 18 in-season month sanction, whilst coach Fan “yoga” Jian-Peng and manager Li “xiaoyu” Xin-Yu have both received 12 in-season month sanctions.

Hong Kong-based Dragon Gate came last in the 2019 LMS Spring Split, in which they were found to have been involved in cases of match fixing, as well as betting on other professional teams. They had a record of two wins and 12 losses in the competition.

A statement on Facebook from top laner Huang “2188” Jin-Long revealed that AD carry Liu “Soul” Kai had been asked to purposely throw matches for a sum of $750 per match. With Soul refusing to do so, he was replaced in the starting lineup for the team for the remaining three weeks of the season by Jiang “YuLun” Yu-Lun. Huang also revealed that he had recorded a conversation at dinner with the team’s owner, in which Wei-Jie stated to 2188 that JGY had accepted an offer to fix matches.

As far as the upcoming summer split goes, Dragon Gate will be replaced by Taiwan’s SuperEsports, who won the 2019 Elite Challenger League Spring Playoffs. There are also reports that Dragon Gate will be taking legal action over the bans in place.

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