League of Legends – Imaqtpie Burns Twitch Streamer: “It’s Mcdonalds or Twitch”

League of Legends – Imaqtpie Burns Twitch Streamer: “It’s Mcdonalds or Twitch”


Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana, a former pro League of Legends player, was recently heard on a Twitch stream blasting streamer Michael “TobiasFate,” in which he claimed it was “McDonald’s or Twitch.”

During the stream, Imaqtpie had been subjected to eight deaths whilst writing his message leading up to 13 minutes gone in the match. The streamer stated: “U stream this game cause you have to. Dont project on me. U have no choice. It’s McDonald’s or Twitch.” You can watch the clip here.

Some reports suggest that the reason behind this outburst could be the streamer recently relocating. Imaqtie moved to Los Angeles from the East Coast in June last year, where he saw his average ping leaping from 30 up to 70, which could be cited as a reason as to why he has adopted a more aggressive approach, and why it may be affecting his gameplay in general.

Statistics also suggest a negative impact from his move to LA, as he has experienced a dip in viewers since making the switch. Twitch statistics state that his average viewership has nosedived from 16,965 prior to his move in June 2018, down to 5,400 today, which marks a 72 percent decrease.

Not only that, but Imaqtpie has also switched up the games that he plays, spending more of his time streaming games such as Apex Legends, which may have had a knock-on effect on his legion of League of Legends fans. His usual early time slot used in the East Coast has also changed since relocating.

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