League of Legends World Championship Was Most Viewed Competition of 2018

League of Legends World Championship Was Most Viewed Competition of 2018


It has been another enthralling year for eSports, with viewers flocking to platforms such as Youtube and Twitch to check out their favourite teams and games in action. The likes of League of Legends, CS:GO and Dota 2 have been amongst the most watched games throughout 2018, with it coming as no surprise that LoL’s World Championship was the most watched of the year.

The League of Legends World Championship saw over 74.3 million viewers tuning in, which is nearly a three million rise in the views accumulated last year. This was followed by Dota 2’s The International, which brought in 58.2 million views, which is up nine million views from last year. Third place went to CS:GO’s ELeague Major, which attracted 49.5 million views.

There was a surprising omission from the list, with many expecting to see Epic Games’ immensely popular title Fortnite being mentioned within the top 10. The game’s popularity has yet to be reflected on the competitive gaming stage, but as alluded to by OpTic Gaming’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter, it could be more focused on the entertainment side of things: “In my opinion, they’ve [Epic Games] realized that their game will never be the most competitive, but it can be the most entertaining. So, they’re sticking to their guns in that regard.”

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