Leaked trailer gives us a glimpse into the future of No Man’s Sky

Leaked trailer gives us a glimpse into the future of No Man’s Sky


A leaked trailer has prematurely unveiled the next update for No Man’s Sky.

Entitled “Visions”, it promises to add an array of exotic new worlds and biomes to discover and explore, procedural crashed freighters to plunder, ancient fossilised creatures to excavate, improved weather and atmospheric systems (hello, rainbows) and globally synchronised community events, enabling players to combine their efforts to unlock unique item sets.

You’ll also be able to celebrate your discoveries by launching all-new craftable fireworks, and further develop your bases with additional building parts. Speaking of bases, Visions will now allow you to decorate these with trophies claimed by finding mysterious artifacts scattered across planets. Kleptomaniacs rejoice.

Be warned, however, as the rampant stripping of planetary resources may antagonise corrupted sentinel drones, a formidable enemy type that will challenge even the most experienced interlopers. But it doesn’t stop there. More threats continue to emerge thanks to an assortment of hazardous new flora. Make the wrong move and you may find yourself ensnared in their traps. Wily explorers may want to approach cautiously if they wish to extract the very best resources from these carnivorous curiosities.

Visions is a remarkably quick follow-up to No Man’s Sky’s previous update, Abyss, which went live on October 29. The latter featured a complete rework of aquatic environments and gameplay, introducing a pilotable submarine, the ability to construct more diverse underwater habitats and “abyssal terrors” to encounter. I happened to quite enjoy this one, remarking that the thematic approach to updates was the right choice for No Man’s Sky as it continues to expand its horizons.

A recent tweet by Hello Games lead Sean Murray revealed Visions is set to drop on November 22. Expect a slew of bug fixes and quality of life improvements to drop alongside it, too. In meantime, check out the trailer below.


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