LEGENDARY: Apex Legends Attracts More Than 25 Million Players In First Week

LEGENDARY: Apex Legends Attracts More Than 25 Million Players In First Week


Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainments Fortnite rival, has taken off like a rocket and in doing so soared past its competitor. Fortnite took two weeks to hit 10 million but Apex has smashed the 25 million player mark in a week.

Vince Zampella, CEO of Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment, wrote in a blog post announcing the milestone. He said:

“Since last Monday, more than 25 million players have jumped into the game, and over the weekend we had well over 2 million concurrent players at our peak. Like I said earlier, what a week!”

Players even include Epic Games co-founder Mark Rein, whose studio is developed Fortnite said on Twitter that it is “very good”:

Quite a coup for Zampella and co who was understandably chuffed:

So, where does Apex Legends go from here? Well, its popularity has been boosted by popular Twitch streamers, such as Ninja and DrDisrespect, playing the game and drawing their fans into the experience.  Twitch features heavily in the plans to drive the popularity of the game forward. The Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge will take place on 12 February and 19 February, streamed directly to the Apex Legends Twitch channel. According to Mr Zampella, it will feature 48 of the biggest Twitch streamers.

Also, the content will be kept fresh. Season One of the game will begin next month, which will see the intoduction of new characters, weapons, loot and challenges.

Since launching in 2017, Fortnite has attracted more than 200 million players and Apex Legends still has a way to go to pass that, however, with a start like this it is more than likely it will pass that mark sooner rather than later.

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