Male Esports Player Poses as Rising Female Overwatch Star ‘Ellie’ in Social Experiment

Male Esports Player Poses as Rising Female Overwatch Star ‘Ellie’ in Social Experiment


Last month, the much-discussed topic of females in eSports was once again raised when eSports team SecondWind signed up a highly ranked player known as Ellie. However, the player soon left after ‘some unforeseen reactions.’ In a rather unexpected twist, it turns out that Ellie was in fact male, posing as a female to conduct a social experiment. So how did Punisher manage to convince the world that he was female? Apparently, the player drafted in female friends to chat for him, allowing his true identity to fly under the radar.

A video that had been posted of the player actually turned out to be someone else known as Punisher, who set out to showcase the backlash that women often face in the gaming community. It has been a controversial topic for quite some time now, so the point that was trying to be made seems unclear, seeing as its already well known that there are a lot of issues facing female gamers, particularly when breaking into this level.

Ellie would have been the first woman to compete on a Contenders North American roster, which would have been a huge step forward for women wanting to grab a spot on such a stage. Hopefully the social experiment conducted has at the very least raised further awareness on the subject, and open the door for more females getting into eSports. The issue is, that such an experiment can do as much harm as it does good in terms of making way for a new form of harassment, as stated in a tweet by managing editor of Overwatchscore, Liz Richardson:

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