Mark Cuban Wouldn’t Buy an LoL Team – Here’s Why

Mark Cuban Wouldn’t Buy an LoL Team – Here’s Why


We’ve seen a lot of talk in the past week or so regarding eSports players burning out in their 20s, per an article published by Quartz, which discusses how players are taking an early retirement following their exhausting 80-hour week schedules in order to become the best. This piqued the interest of renowned billionaire businessman Mark Cuban, who weighed in with his thoughts on Twitter.

The opinion of Cuban is that of the ever changing landscape of games through changes made by developers being the issue of players getting burnt out at such an early age, which he gave as the reason as to why he wouldn’t purchase a team of his own. Cuban tweeted: “The core issue is that the games change. With each change every team has to practice as a unit and consider every permutation. That requires intense practices and a lot of time . It’s the main reason I wouldn’t buy a LOL team . Support is great. But doesn’t change the issue.”

This prompted a response from Nate Nanzer, the commissioner of the Overwatch League, who replied: “Working 8-10 hours a day doesn’t seem out of the ordinary to be the best in the world at literally anything, does it Mark? teams have amazing support infrastructures to help their players manage those schedules and be at their best on game day. It’s not really any different than basketball. You should come check it out.”

Cuban replied with the point of the lack of time for players to adapt to meta changes makes it difficult for eSports players: “How often does the game change? How much time is required to adapt and perfect as a team after a change? And do all teams globally approach practice time the same? I’m far from OWL smart , but look at the Brigite change The NBA doesn’t make meta changes mid season.”

Whether there is major changes made to help players combat such fatigue, it would be interesting to see if a personality such as Mark Cuban would ever try his hand at investing in an eSports franchise.

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