Metroid Prime 4 Has Been Delayed

Metroid Prime 4 Has Been Delayed


Nintendo fans, we’re all hyped for Metroid Prime 4, right? Well guys, sorry to say it but, it looks like we’re going to be waiting a lot longer than we thought. In a development update from Shinya Takahashi, it has been revealed that Metroid Prime 4 has been delayed. Looks like a big delay too. So, get comfortable and let’s take a look at what’s going on.

Revealed, or maybe we should say teased at E3 back in 2017, we’ve heard nothing about Metroid Prime 4 since. Many had expected a release later this year with rumours and speculations around Nintendo Direct announcements. With such a high profile game as this, perhaps the silence surround it should bring the news that Metroid Prime 4 has been delayed as no surprise.

Why is Metroid Prime 4 delayed?

The news came in the development update given by Senior Managing Executive Officer, Shinya Takahashi. He tells us that “[Development] Has not reached the standards we seek in a sequel to the Metroid Prime Series”. Shortly after going on to tell us “Current development status of the game is very challenged”. It all sounds very bleak doesn’t it? Later in the update we are told that Producer will be working with Retro Studios, the studio responsible for the Original Metroid Prime Series. While this sounds like a good idea, it does mean that Nintendo has hit the reset button and development will restart from the beginning. Takahashi extends apologies to the fans and acknowledges the disappointment this is going to bring.Kensuke

Final Thoughts

While the news that Metroid Prime 4 has been delayed is indeed a real shame for fans, it could be worse. It hasn’t been cancelled for a start. And I for one, am glad that Nintendo have been able to look at the project, realise it’s not up to par and say “Nope, not what we want, start again”. I’d rather we got this, than another Fallout 76 situation. Or the reviled “Patch it later” approach that seems all too common in recent years.

I am of course gutted that Metroid Prime 4 has been delayed. But, I’m pleased that they recognise problems and take action. Besides, can’t miss a place you’ve never been, after all. But what do you think? Are you angry with the news or understanding? Tell us in the comments below!

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