Month in Review: November

Month in Review: November


With just a month to go until the end of 2018, Autumn has certainly not been a slow season for gamers. Here are just some of the most exciting things to come out of DarkSpawn this November.

From top-tier game releases to the announcement of new titles and esports series, November has undoubtedly lived up to the pre-Christmas hype, from some truly spectacular Black Friday deals that saw us filling up those holes in our gaming collections to some stellar Switch releases you won’t want to miss. Read on to find out more about what we’ve been up to at DarkSpawn for November.

Top Game Releases for November

Hitman 2 – PS4, Xbox One, PC


The long-awaited sequel to Io Interactive’s highly successful relaunch of the Hitman franchise is finally here, with a November launch date that sets this game right in the sights of Christmas shoppers. Ditching the episodic model of the first title, Hitman 2 maintains the excellent quality of the first title, with the legacy silly kills and funny missions mixed in for good measure.

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Fallout 76 – PS4, Xbox One, PC

Much-reviewed and solidly beta tested by a legion of Bethesda’s biggest fans, Fallout 76 released on the 14th of November to average reviews and overall praise from fans of the long-running series, with players pleasantly surprised to find that even when approached solo, the title still stands up. Taking the world of Fallout to West Virginia, and serving as a prequel to every other title in the series, Fallout 76 is set to be at the top of everyone’s Christmas list this year.

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Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!/ Let’s Go, Eevee! – Switch


It’s to no-one surprise that the latest title in Nintendo’s wildly successful Pokemon series is as enjoyable as its previous iterations, bringing fan favourite, Pokemon Yellow, into the present day with its own unique twist that’s much-appreciated by newcomers and long-time fans alike. For those who don’t already own a Switch, Let’s Go might just be the tipping point you need to invest in Nintendo’s shooting star of a console.

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Deracine – PS4 VR

A wholly unusual story from industry giants From Software, Deracine feels more like the first tentative footsteps of a brand-new studio into the world of VR. Delivering a short, sweet and slightly hard-to-get-your-head-around story, Deracine might not quite compare to Dark Souls or Bloodborne in terms of story or style, but it’s certainly a unique tale all its own.

Diablo III: Eternal Collection – Switch

One of many recent console releases on the Switch, Diablo 3 remains a gem in Blizzard’s collection, and with the updated, DLC-ed up version designed exclusively for the console, it’s as playable as ever. For fans of the series, the update will be a welcome upgrade; and for newer fans, the title is the perfect introduction into the world of Diablo.

Gaming News

Leaked trailer gives us a glimpse into the future of No Man’s Sky


Hello Games continues to work on their promise to improve the experience of No Man’s Sky – and the past few months have been no exception, with the launch of Abyss in October followed by an intriguing trailer into the future of the constantly evolving series.

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Command & Conquer Remaster Announced

For fans of the classic Command & Conquer series, EA’s recent announcement of a full remaster of Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert with Petroglyph Games is sure to come as a pleasant surprise. Due to include full multiplayer and all the modern features you’d expect from an updated RTS title, it seems EA is taking the remaster seriously from day one.

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Super Smash Bros Release Date Announced


One of the most highly anticipated games of 2018, Smash fans will be pleased to know that not only is Nintendo set on a 7th December release but that even more characters are set to make their way into the player roster, alongside a brand-new Echo Fighter system that’s sure to be a success.

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Overwatch wins GOTY at eSports Awards 2018

Overwatch has officially been crowned Game of the Year at 2018’s eSports awards, fighting off fierce competition to be announced the favourite for eSports fans everywhere, with Fortnite also walking away with the prestigious ‘breakthrough game’ title.

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eSports Spotlight

League of Legends Team Hanwha Life Sign SoHwan and Thal


Also known as HLE, the eSports team is strengthening their line up with two impressive new additions, taking the opportunity to build earlier in the season for optimal results in training and future tournaments.

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China unveils its own eSports town

In further proof that China is now the new capital for eSports worldwide, the creation of a ¥2B RMB (£226 million) complex in Hangzhou, including an eSports Academy, proves the country’s commitment to and backing of competitive gaming, with construction set to finish in 2022.

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Cloud9 ranks number one in Rocket League Championship Series Season 6

Leaving opponents Team Dignitas out in the cold, Cloud9 has claimed victory in the tense finale of the RLCS Season 6, thanks to some excellent strategy and aggressive gameplay that truly paid off for the winning team.

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UEFA Announces Brand-New Champion’s League for FIFA 19

Thanks to its global popularity and growing audience, it was a foregone conclusion that FIFA 19 would soon be heading towards formal eSports competition – and UEFA has finally confirmed the rumours, with events coming up in 2019.

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Serral Makes History After Winning StarCraft II World Championship Series

Stealing first place from the competition at Blizzcon’s StartCraft II WCS Global Finals, Serral defied all expectations with an effortless win at this year’s tournament – and making history in the process.

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That’s Just Our Opinion

The Best Android Games of 2018

Mobile gaming is more popular than ever – even amongst the most hardcore gamers, there’s at least one gaming gem waiting for them on their mobile phone, perfect for long waits, short flights, and medium-length commutes. See our top picks for 2018’s Android titles here:

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Can Detective Pikachu break the video game movie curse?


With an exciting trailer and a particular brand of tongue-in-cheek humour, Detective Pikachu is something entirely new when it comes to Video Games on the Big Screen. But is it enough to break the decades-long curse of video game movie adaptations?

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Is the Video Game Industry Dying?

In a world of microtransactions and DLC purchases, are we losing our grip on video games, and is the industry suffering as a result? With more pressure to produce a constant stream of entertainment, and competing with increasingly tight budgets, there’s no doubt that it’s changing, at the very least.

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Games for Mental Health: 3 Titles to Calm Your Mind

Feeling stressed? These titles will help you relax. Try some gentle farming, a bit of recreational building or simply chill out with a great soundtrack. You’ll be feeling better in no time.

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