N64 Classic on the horizon?

N64 Classic on the horizon?


Since the Wii and the introduction of the virtual console gamers both young and old have been able to enjoy titles from the past on new machines. For all the merits of retro downloads on modern consoles, none can achieve the nostalgia of an officially licensed mini retro console from the glory days of the past. Although Sega has been milking this cow for a while now, it’s only in the past few years that others have followed suit.

There are now retro ‘mini’ consoles out there from Nintendo, SNK (Neo Geo), Atari, and most recently Sony. As someone that grew up in the ’90s, these products have a special charm for me and I hope to see the trend continue. But how far will it go, will we see a GameCube or Dreamcast mini or is this just another fad that could be compared to motion controls?

The NES and SNES mini were great little machines that flew off the shelves and were packed with great games. Even the new PlayStation mini looks the part and has some (I’v heard a lot of criticism about its library, but I’d still pick one up) great games and in my opinion would be a worthy product in anyone’s collection.


So the next ‘mini’ machine on the horizon, would be by logic, an N64 mini. However, Reggie Fils Aime has recently come out and said the console isn’t in their plans. Now, as others have noted, this is probably what he has to say. If Nintendo isn’t ready to announce it they won’t. But I’d imagine they’d want something to compete with the PlayStation mini in the mid-term future. An N64 mini would be cool to look at and I’d be happy with only ten or so games because of how groundbreaking some of those games were. Give me both N64 Zeldas, Mario 64, Mario Kart, F Zero and a couple of Pokemon spin-offs an I’d be happy!

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