New FIFA 19 Patch Gives Cech a Tie

New FIFA 19 Patch Gives Cech a Tie



FIFA 19’s newest patch features a wardrobe change for Arsenal’s goalkeeper Peter Cech after mocking EA on Twitter regarding him wearing his famous helmet during negotiations. If you’re looking for a cheap, high-quality goalkeeper on career mode then Cech is a viable solution however, contract negotiations are slightly awkward as it seems Cech is just as scared of everyday obstacles as he is the two goalposts that he guards during matches. Cech took to social media to illustrate this mistake to EA in this tweet:


EA has since rectified this mistake by suiting him in his requested shirt and tie combination which shows that they do listen to public feedback, albeit from a highly decorated and famous professional football player.


The patch also includes bug fixes for niggling issues surrounding the various game modes and UI feedback problems. Some players traits such as driven pass, acrobatic clearances and fancy flicks have been removed as all players can now perform these actions. They also include a bunch of general updates that fix some graphical or technical glitches and anomalies that some players were experiencing. There will be a list of all the updates upon booting up FIFA 19 that you can read yourself, but it’s definitely worth checking out Peter Cech in his new suit!

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