Next Gen Dreamcast Controller?

Next Gen Dreamcast Controller?


The Sega Dreamcast was arguably way ahead of its time. But I doubt anyone thought we’d be seeing new peripherals being released some 20 years on. Well, it looks like that could well be the case. A new, Next Gen Dreamcast controller is being planned by Retro Fighters.


Next Gen Dreamcast Controller in 2019

You may have heard of Retro Fighters before. No we don’t mean Street Fighter 2 or any other old fighting games. We’re talking about the company that previously brought us the Brawler64. A modern style controller, somewhat like an Xbox 360 pad. But one that plugs right into your original Nintendo 64. Now the company is looking to strike again with a similar Dreamcast controller. Featuring a larger D-Pad and additional shoulder buttons, the Next Gen Dreamcast Controller also has full VMU and Vibration pack support. In addition, the 10ft cable now leaves the controller at the top, rather than at the bottom as seen on the original pad. It also now includes a turbo button.


How far along is it?

A Kickstarter was launched for the project on February 12th. At the time of writing on the 13th, the pledge goal has been achieved and is pushing for its stretch goals. Heading over to the Next Gen Dreamcast controller Kickstarter, we see that there’s been a lot of research and development going on. They detail some of the difficulties faced and hurdles that have to be cleared. Retro Fighters had to develop their own memory ports as none could be found in any factories. We can see a working Printed Circuit Board Assembly, along with a video showing it in action. The controller has been in development for 18 months already.


How can I get one?

I love the Sega Dreamcast, as many of you do. So it’s great to see the console getting some attention in 2019. Retro Fighters current timeline would put the Next Gen Dreamcast Controller in our hands in September 2019. Do you want to get your own? Head over to the Kickstarterget in a pledge to support the project. Other controllers from the team received a warm reception. As a result, they are often in demand and out of stock. If and when we get our hands on the Next Gen Dreamcast Controller, we will be sure to share our thoughts with you!

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