Ni “wangid1” Lipao Wins March 2019 GWENT Open

Ni “wangid1” Lipao Wins March 2019 GWENT Open


The winner of the March 2019 GWENT Open has been announced, with China’s Ni “wangid1” Lipao taking the top prize. The victorious Lipao came away with $10,500 in prize money, whilst fellow finalist Benjamin “kolemoen” Pfannstiel from Germany walked away with $4,300.

The city of Warsaw attracted the best pro GWENT players on the planet to the last Open tournament of the Masters series this weekend, which offered up a $25,000 prize pool, as well as Crown Points and a guaranteed opportunity to compete in the Gwent Challenger. Developers CD Projekt Red made the following comment in a recent press release: “CD PROJEKT RED would like to thank the players and everyone watching this GWENT Open online for making the tournament a truly memorable experience. Stay tuned for more information regarding the next tournaments in the series!”

The GWENT Masters serves as the official eSports series for the Witcher universe-based digital card game, and the Open also conjured up a couple of suprises for those who tuned in, including new cards being unveiled and a reveal of the game’s first expansion, Crimson Curse. If you’re a fan of the gripping digital card game known as GWENT, then make sure to check out the trailer for Crimson Curse below.

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