Nintendo News Roundup

Nintendo News Roundup


Hey readers! We’re going to take a quick look at some recent news around Nintendo. Just a quick round-up to help keep you in the loop. So, let’s get into this. Amidst speculation of a January Nintendo Direct circulating, news came out recently that confirms some of the rumours. However, some of this leaves more questions than answers.

First, it has been revealed that Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn, is coming to Nintendo 3DS on March 8th. Originally seen released on Nintendo Wii back in October 2010, the 3DS version brings a few enhancements and changes. Some of which include new items and a “Devilish Mode” to add some challenge. The 3DS is generally considered to be on the way out, but I for one missed out on Kirby’s Epic Yarn the first time around, so may well pick it up this year.


Wait, there’s more Nintendo news…

Also revealed, the new games being added to the Nintendo Switch Online for January. So what are we getting? Blaster Master along with Zelda II: The Adventure of Link have both been confirmed. So far that’s it, and a mere two titles does seem a little lacking. Particularly considering that we do already have Blaster Master Zero available, which is a refreshed version of the original. It plays pretty well and is fairly priced on the eShop, but at least we have the option to see it as it was. As for Zelda II, well that one does sometimes get cold response from Legend of Zelda fans. But seeing as we already have access to the first instalment, I am glad to see Nintendo making this available. While those are the only two titles confirmed, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see an “SP” edition title or two.


And another thing…

In bigger news, Nintendo have also revealed that Yoshi’s Crafted World will be launching on March 29th. I’m personally pretty hyped for this having totally missed Yoshi’s Woolly World on the Wii U. From what we’ve seen, Crafted World looks beautiful and charming and just good clean fun. Plus, you know… Yoshi is awesome.

On top of the announcements above, Capcom have also come out to tell us that Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Featuring all previous content and DLC in addition to a “Revamped User Interface”. it’s great to see Nintendo owners finally getting a port of Dragons Dogma which has seen releases on numerous other platforms previously. You can pick the game up from April 23rd.


So what about that Direct?

Prior to the news we just spoke about, many had speculated about some of this featuring in a January Nintendo Direct. Yoshi and Kirby have certainly been rumoured, so what does this leave for a potential direct? Will there be one? Well, don’t write off the idea completely. Nintendo could still have plenty up their sleeves to show us. Potentially even releases planned sometime in the future. Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC maybe? Don’t forget we are still waiting for more about Bayonetta and dare I say it… Metroid 4? I’m speculating, wishing perhaps, but who knows with Nintendo?!

Let us know what you think, share your theories in the comments below.

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