Obsidian To Announce New Title In 7 DAYS!!

Obsidian To Announce New Title In 7 DAYS!!


Be excited folks. In 7 days time Obsidian Entertainment, whose credits include the legendary Fallout New Vegas, will be announcing a new title. The announcement will be made at The Game Awards in Los Angeles on December 6th:

Obsidian’s Twitter Bio lists the as yet untitled RPG alongside Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire as its ‘current projects’. Deadfire was released in May this year on PC and is scheduled for release on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4  and Xbox One in March 2019. It was generally well received with IGN hailing a “strong step forward” in the development of the Pillars series.

The rumour mill is suggesting a title such as ‘The Outer Worlds’ and indeed the tweet above shows that ‘Worlds’ are certainly going to be featuring heavily in the new title. Visitors to Obsidians website currently can view a countdown to the announcement sponsored by ‘Spacers Choice’ which is a gun or ‘Auntie Cleo’s’ which appears to be more of a General Store stocking food and even skin cream. Clearly the ad’s suggest a space theme for the new title and Obsidian are clearly having a whale of a time teasing eager fans:

Fallout fans still revere New Vegas as one of, if not the all-time great of the series, and many regret the fact that Obsidian were not involved in later installments. Aesthetically the ad’s for the new title reminded me a little of the flavour of New Vegas. Reeling from the underwhelming impression left by Fallout 76 they will therefore potentially be watching this new title with great interest.


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