Oculus Connect 5: The Best Games We Saw At Oculus’ Developer Event

Oculus Connect 5: The Best Games We Saw At Oculus’ Developer Event


Oculus Connect, Oculus’ annual event for developers kicked off on September 26th with the huge announcement that Project Santa Cruz is ready for the world. This headset’s official name will be Oculus Quest. This new device sits perfectly in the middle of the portfolio of Oculus. It’s not as powerful as the PC-based headset but with its 6DoF tracking, it has become far more immersive than the earlier release of 3DoF Go headset.

In order to showcase all of these three platforms, Oculus took over San Jose Convention Center’s Main Hall so that developers and convention goers could experience a sneak peak of the next wave of brilliant VR titles.

If you weren’t there to attend this event in person, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here are the game titles that we saw at the Oculus Connect 5:

Superhot VR


Right after the event keynote in this event, we quickly went towards the Oculus Quest stations to get a taste of the new 6DoF headset. First up on the list was the port of an award-winning game called Superhot VR, which is notable for the complete freedom of movement it offered.

If you haven’t experienced this game before, here’s a primer. Your player is dropped right in the middle of a vicious firefight. Your final goal in the game is to defeat all the polygonal and red enemies using your fists and various other weapons randomly placed around the house. The catch of this game, however, is that enemies will only move when you move. You can even take a break in the middle of all the action.

This game can be best described as organized chaos. It offers complete freedom of movement without any constraints. You can even duck and jump without crashing the game. We are eagerly waiting for the release of the game’s headset version in 2019.

Oculus Tennis Scramble

During our demo at the OC5, we noticed this game as it is going to be a part of the Wii Sports multiplayer experience. The buzz around this game is that it has set the benchmark for games that will bring this platform forward.

While this game didn’t have the most unique premise for a VR game, the execution of the gameplay was actually fun. In this game, two players are brought head-to-head in a virtual tennis court. Playing this game responsibly requires the player to be keenly aware of their surroundings. This is because seamless data is perceived by the headset for effective gameplay. The game’s Guardian system did a great job of not only letting players use all the physical space required for movement but also telling them when they get quite close to something in that space.

Echo Combat


One of the multiplayer games coming to the Oculus platform, Echo Combat has gameplay that was easy to become familiar with. The previous title in the series Echo Arena offered us the virtual gaming experience of Frisbee and Soccer. However, as evident from the name, this game will have you shooting people in the face.

We got our hands on a demo which was more of a capture-the-flag mission. The only thing that we needed time to get used to was the zero-gravity navigation. You have to use wrist mounted thrusters to propel ourselves in the virtual world. What also helped was holding objects and steering ourselves around. In some cases, we had to hold onto a fellow gamer for moving forward.

Our experience with this game left us feeling queasy in just half an hour but it was definitely great fun. We can’t wait to play more of the game when it releases in November this year.

Final Assault


This game is a real-time strategy game which has specifically been built for VR. Final Assault had us tasked with the usual range of RTS objectives like developing and managing our troops and resources. This game, however, was nothing like the point-and-click games that are too brainy for causal enjoyment. Instead, this game throws you right into the action and gets you to prepare your troops right away.

This game will be available for everyone to play before start of 2019. We highly recommend this game to everyone who loves strategy games.

Lone Echo 2


This sequel to the amazing ‘Lone Echo’ is set in the same universe of the original. This new title also has the same characters which include Robot Jack and Human Liv. This game was featured at the event only as a 360-degree cinematic trailer and no playable version was available. This is why we don’t know much more about the game except the fact that Jack has been patched up with the anxious Liv again.

A reason for the increased public interest in the game is due to all the suspense that surrounds its development. We will especially like to see how the zero-gravity feature of this game fares in comparison to one in Echo Combat. We’ll just have to wait till the game’s release, which is expected sometime in 2019.

Space Junkies


Jetpacks and energy weapons are a deadly combination in a game. This was confirmed for us by this game. The most unadulterated fun offered to us in this event was by this VR arcade shooter. The game took us to orbital arenas that were host to a multiplayer tournament.

Ubisoft, the game’s developers, are calling the experience of using all limbs in the game as ‘full VR embodiment’. This experience is much more natural than what one would expect from a VR game. The weapons are quite fun to handle and we got particularly fond of the slingshot really fast. This weapon requires you to pull back on the sling and aim explosive projectiles onto opponents. The version of the game that we really enjoyed was a beta one and the original version would be due at the end of this month.

While these are some of the Oculus gaming titles that you should lookout for, other worthy titles consist of Stormland, VOX Machinae, Defector, and Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire. All of these promise brand new virtual reality gaming experiences that will set the foundation for the future of games.

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