Okay, We have to talk about Sonic

Okay, We have to talk about Sonic


I’m not a huge fan of reporting on stuff that half the internet has already talked about, I myself have already talked about it right here. However, it seems that no matter how much reviewers review and critics criticize, Hollywood will still think they know better. So let’s not flog a dead horse any longer, it’s time to talk about what the blue blazes Jeff Fowler was thinking when he came up with this:

Now, jokes, setting and cast aside it would be pretty hard to watch an entire movie with this horrific creature staring at you for 90 minutes with his beady eyes and strangely muscular legs, it is genuinely off putting. Sonic the Hedgehog is a gaming and cultural icon, his image has been used on just about every product you can think of. Video games are just the tip of his gigantic iceberg of recognition. And yet, once again, some idiot in an office somewhere, who has probably never played a single Sonic game or even seen the game being played decided “Hmm… no one will notice if we change him”. Even when images were leaked and the general Internet reaction was “stuff of nightmares” they decided “Nope, we still know better”. I mean just at the difference between this adorable mascot:

And this abomination that looks like it was cooked up in some dimly lit dungeon which is covered in chains and lubricant:

It’s night and bloody day, it’s not even an argument or discussion. I have seen fan art from my 7 year nephew who has done a better job than this this million dollar studio.

The good news is, thanks to the reaction to the trailer the studio have decided “maybe we were wrong” and are now going to re-design Sonic. Whether this means we finally get to see the blue blur look like himself in the movie or not remains to be seen but it begs the question why you wouldn’t use the design that has been successful for over 25 years.

Outside the star of the show himself I didn’t find much else overly wrong with the trailer, well at least not that I noticed as I was too busy being horrified by Sonic’s creepy teeth, legs and eyes. Jim Carrey looks like he is going to be hamming the daylights out of playing Dr. Robotnik (so happy they are using the right name) and there’s even a glimpse of him looking like himself at the end of the trailer. Being made by the mind behind the first Deadpool movie I have hopes that the writing can at least be funny but it will all depend on how the studio reacts to the criticism.

One final note I have to ask though is why they used Gangsta’s Paradise, now don’t get me wrong I have always liked that song but why used a song for your trailer that was literally written for another movie? Why not do a remix of a classic Sonic song or something that would at least fit the trailer?

So, this begs the question, is Sonic the Hedgehog going to be just another in the long line of turd movies based on video games or will the studio put in the work and effort and try to break the mold and have it actually be good? Or will it all be too late anyway and Detective Pikachu will be awesome?

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