Overwatch League Stage Two Twitch Viewership Statistics Topple 2018 Figures

Overwatch League Stage Two Twitch Viewership Statistics Topple 2018 Figures


Despite some recent technical issues for the Overwatch League, the competition has enjoyed the best possible weekend of Stage Two. On the Thursday, some viewers were unable to watch the action take place, which prompted a response from Blizzard on the game’s forums.

A spokesperson posted: “There are technical issues with the Overwatch League stream and Blizzard is working to resolve it quickly. If you have the All-Access pass you can watch any feed other than the ‘main stream’ feed to watch the broadcast. The feed on WatchESPN is also working. (You cannot earn tokens from this provider.) MLG, OverwatchLeague.com do not seem to be working.”

Ultimately, viewership for the event did take a hit because of the lack of consistency, so there wasn’t any way to record the average concurrent statistics. This was soon fixed after the technical slip up, and it transpired that the viewership was not only healthy, but was actually up for the first time year-over-year in Stage Two, which is very encouraging.

So although average viewership stats not being available due to Thursday night’s issues, it was determined that the competition racked up 3.37M hours over the weekend on its main channel and alternate broadcasts, which topples the 3.26M hours accumulated in week three of Stage Two in 2018.

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