Overwatch World Cup – Reigning Champions South Korea to Cause an Upset?

Overwatch World Cup – Reigning Champions South Korea to Cause an Upset?


Reading that headline would probably leave many feeling slightly confused, seeing as South Korea have showcased nothing but dominance in the Overwatch World Cup competitions to date, having been crowned champions in both 2016 and 2017. But according to an Overwatch analysts, victory for the defending champs would come as a surprise.

According to analysts Wolf ‘ProxyWolf’ Schröder and Andrew ‘ZP’ Rush, it isn’t a sure-fire thing that the champions will regain, with the former stating that it would be a “huge upset” in a recent tweet, with the current team hosting an “outdated roster.” The latter ZP responded with the prediction of the USA beating South Korea in a 3-0 series whitewash.

It certainly seems to be a pretty bold statement, given that winning the past two world cups isn’t the only accolades that South Korea possesses. They were unbeaten throughout the group stages, and the nation is responsible for a number of players in the Overwatch League, including Season One champions London Spitfire.

The Overwatch World Cup starts at Blizzcon this weekend, with the defending champions starting off with a quarter-final match against Australia. You can watch all of the action from this weekend’s Blizzcon over at the event’s official website.

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