Persona 5: The Royal Coming 2020

Persona 5: The Royal Coming 2020


During the Persona Super Live 2019 concert, the first PV for Persona 5: The Royal was released. It’s been a month since Persona 5: The Royal was announced with a brief teaser trailer at the end of Persona 5‘s latest OVA. There were a bunch of theories within the community of who the mysterious girl was and about her relationship to the Phantom Thieves but now we have some concrete info on what to expect.

New Features

Persona 5: The Royal is essentially a re-make of 2016’s original Persona 5. This was a move made before when Persona 4: Golden was released four years after the original.

New Characters









Kasumi Yoshizawa is the mysterious girl who appears in the teaser trailer for Persona 5: The Royal. She appears to become a persona user in the trailer but it’s unknown as to whether she is an enemy or an ally. In the promo video she appears to have some sort of friendship with Joker, but in the teaser she voiced her disapproval of the Phantom Thieves.

Persona 5: The Royal, Kasumi and Joker in Shujin's Cafeteria

Persona 5: The Royal, Kasumi in Battle

The official website says that she entered the school in the same Spring as Joker’s transfer. Apparently Shujin has high hopes for her rhythmic gymnastic abilities which is how she joined the school.

Persona 5: The Royal, New Confidant: Takuto Maruki









Takuto Maruki appears as a new confidant for Joker with the Consultant arcana. This is a completely new addition to the usual tarot arcana you would typically find in the Persona series.

Persona 5: The Royal, Joker and Takuto in Shujin Academy.

Unlike in Persona 5, Takuto works part-time at Shujin to help students cope after a certain incident at the school. It’s likely that this is as a result of the Kamoshida incident, but so far it remains unclear. So far, we know that Takuto will give us another confidant to max out to gain more personas.

A Strange Youth is another new appearance in the game, and according to translators he has a similar manner of speaking to Morgana, and a similar appearance. Of course, Morgana is a cat, but there are some distinct similarities between this guy and Morgana’s appearance – most notably the eyes. However, this could be a red herring, and will be revealed with more information being released as time goes on.

New Locations

Persona 5: The Royal, Kichijoji Screenshot

Persona 5: The Royal features a new location in Kichijoji where you can take your friends and explore when you’re not invading palaces. Previously, you could only really explore Shibuya, Yongen-Jaya and Shujin Academy in your own time with other areas being reserved for hangout spots with your confidants. In Kichijoji it would appear you can find several new locations such as Penguin Sniper.

Persona 5: The Royal, Dartslive3 in Penguin Sniper

It looks as though Persona 5: The Royal will feature new elements such as the Dartslive3 machines in the Penguin Sniper diner. This could mean more minigames to do as Persona 5 originally had the fishing game and the baseball machine in Yongen-Jaya. This could mean a new method of increasing your stats in another way.

In addition to this, new events have been added including additional group events with the other Phantom Thieves. Incidentally, these take place in the additional third semester which has been added to the game – this should mean some significant differences to the main storyline of the original.

Persona 5: The Royal, Hatsumade with the Phantom Thieves

Updated Gameplay

The turn-based battle system returns once more, but the official website states that there will be added difficulty to the fights with shadows.  Not only this, but there appears to be new additions to the Velvet Room where they have advertised an alert system when Joker is in his cell. Even your day-to-day life has changed some more as they showcase a Daily Assist Command System. This could help newer players manage their time in-game as that is one of the most significant aspects of the story.

In addition to the new visual details, Shoji Meguro the composer of the music behind the series will be working with Lynn on some new tracks for the new game.

All together, Persona 5: The Royal looks to have some major changes to the original story and seems to be a considerably more different game. You can find more information on the official website. According to the website, new information will be revealed on the 9th of May.


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