Popular Twitch Streamer Destiny Was Shut Down At Twitchcon

Popular Twitch Streamer Destiny Was Shut Down At Twitchcon


A streaming event such as Twitchcon Europe shouldn’t appear to be an event in which streaming isn’t allowed, but that proved to be the case for one streamer who was in attendance.

Popular Twitch content creator Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnell had no choice but to shut down his stream from Twitchcon Europe, after a member of staff there declared that the was streaming from an area that was off limits. The event, held in Berlin, Germany, invited streamers and fans from all over the world to celebrate the platform, though it was apparent that there were no-go areas knocking around.

Destiny, along with Harry ‘Hbomberguy’ Brewis, were found using a mobile stream from inside a lounge allocated to event partners in attendance. Here, a staff member asked what was going on, to which Destiny claimed he was ‘vlogging.’ This didn’t sit well with the staff member, who replied: “This doesn’t look like vlogging, I’m afraid.”

Destiny did inquire to see if they were allowed to stream in the area, to which the staff member declined. Both Destiny and HBomberguy showed their passes to the staff member, though from his reaction I don’t think he would’ve forgotten their names in a hurry.

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