PS Now: Can it be saved?

PS Now: Can it be saved?


Netflix, Amazon Prime and many other streaming services are insanely popular these days. The idea of sitting down and browsing through hundreds of TV shows, movies and new content is just so appealing to the people of today. So it seemed like a good idea when Sony turned to us all and said “We’re going to do that Netflix crack only for games.” We all thought that this would be awesome, having access to Sony’s entire back catalogue of PSone, two and three games. What was delivered however was not exactly what our imaginations had pictured; in fact it wasn’t even close.

So, this is where an important question or two needs to be raised. Has Sony actually got a good idea with the PS Now service and are straight up dropping the ball or is the world not ready for a games streaming service yet? Personally I like the idea of a games streaming service, the idea of sitting down and going through the Metal Gear Solid series from start to finish sounds pretty damn cool to me, it would be no different than sitting down to binge the entire series of Sons of Anarchy. That being said there are 2 key areas that need to be improved upon and quickly if Sony really wants this service to become viable.

PS Now(Is there potential or is it pointless?)

First off is the streaming itself, I recently took on a free week trial of the service myself as I had a hankering to sit down and play some PS3 Twisted Metal. True enough I was able to actually load old my old PS3 game file and continue my online madness from where I left it many moons ago but something didn’t feel quite right. The crisp and velvety smooth gameplay of Twisted Metal was lost somewhere in the stream; naturally I thought this may have been my Internet. However, upon checking my speeds I was receiving my usual 15MB upload and 100MB download so surely it couldn’t have been that. But I thought to myself that it was a small price to pay when I got to drive around in Sweet Tooth once again and blow up everything that came into my field of view. So, I decided to move on and play some Red Dead Redemption in anticipation for the recently released sequel. This is where PS Now really struggled though as there would be times where I would lose control and even get screen lag and disconnections. This wasn’t a one off or even a rare occurrence but became almost hourly as I tried desperately to sit down and enjoy my time with John Marston again. However, it soon become clear that this would not be the case and this was one of the major reasons I decided not to subscribe to the service regularly.

The second reason was more up front, the selection of games on offer is a wasted opportunity. Now, I understand completely that due to licencing and developers that getting access to some old games would be tough if not impossible but there are so many games that Sony still have control over that to not offer them on the service is criminal. I would easily have sat down to hour after hour of TimeSplitters 2 or Tomba but alas my choices were limited to handful of decent PS3 games and shed load of indie games that did not interest me. It seems that there are constant rumours flying around the Internet that PS1 and PS2 games will be added to the service but I’ve been hearing this for so long that I’m expecting to be still hearing while I’m playing my PS5.

TimeSplitters 2(Still one of the best of all time)

I honestly do believe that if Sony touched up the servers they use for the service and actually added in a good lot of their back catalogue that PS Now would not only start to pick up but could become the next big thing. I suppose the hard part would be convincing them that people still want to play their old games, I mean it’s not they just released a mini PlayStation or anything. Oh wait……..

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