PS5 Details Emerge: What does this mean for the future?

PS5 Details Emerge: What does this mean for the future?


So Sony have announced some details for their upcoming PlayStation5 and if this goes the way they are planning then the machine could turn out to be an absolute colossus. Speaking with Wired, system architect Mark Cerny announced quite a few hardware details that you can read about but I thought we should ask the more important question, what does this mean for the future of the PS4 and gaming in general?

The PlayStation 4 is currently 5 years old and in that time it has had some incredible games, insane sales figures and has help Sony once again become the dominant figure in the gaming world. Does this announcement mean that soon the spotlight will leave this champion of gaming? Well not quite, if you remember Sony have still a few big exclusive titles to release such as The Last of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima so no I don’t think the PlayStation 4 will completely overshadowed just yet but I do believe this could be the last final run of big Sony exclusive games. Don’t be expecting a lackluster finish though as the hype around these game is off the hype train rails.

Next we have to ask what this means for the future of gaming as some of the details given about the machine in the Interview are very impressive. Ray Casting, Solid State Hard Drives and 8K resolution were a few of the highlights. All this new tech is not going to cheap so we have to hazard a guess that this may be the most expensive machine Sony will ever launch, if I was to take a stab at it myself I would assume that they will charge between the £500 and £600 mark, I may be wrong and if I am hopefully it will be lower rather than higher. This new technology also means that graphics may be the most photo realistic yet, with Ray Casting allowing full reflections and full HD VR support included from the get go games will be more immersive than ever.

The one thing we have to consider is how Microsoft will react to this news. Will they literally see everything Sony has said and attempt to one-up it or simply match it? Perhaps Microsoft will announce their own system sooner rather than later to start their hype as well. Then we have to take Googles Stadia into account as this will also be a big contender in the home video game market. Will we see a 3 way battle for home console superiority for the first time in a while or will this once again be a battle of the 2 titans?

Needless to say Sony has kicked off the next Gen debates and thoughts with this announcement and if I’m honest I welcome it but hope the machine isn’t released for a few years yet for one simple reason. There’s still a whole lot of life left in the PS4 yet and I don’t think we’ve seen it pushed to its limits quite yet and hopefully there’s still time to do so.

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