PUBG – Auzom Premier League Has Been Cancelled

PUBG – Auzom Premier League Has Been Cancelled


An official statement on the official Auzom website has confirmed that the third season of the Premier League has been cancelled. The announcement will come as a very disappointing one to the entire PUBG community, and perhaps more so with the lack of explanation as to why the plug has been pulled.

Auzom was given the green light in May last year to get their vision of high-octane tournaments underway, which went a long way to help develop the popular battle royale game’s presence on the competitive stage, as well as help grow the consistently evolving community. However, it appears that the Auzom Premier League is no more, with an excerpt of the official statement reading: “As we head into the fading days of 2018, we are left with no option other than to cancel the upcoming APL season. It is absolutely a last resort and is a painful decision to make after a massive amount of effort and time sacrificed from everyone involved behind the scenes, however we do not feel in the circumstances that we can provide a tournament of the quality that we expect from ourselves and also that the players, teams and viewers alike deserve. We would like to extend a thank you to those who have patiently waited for information from us and stuck with us over the last few months.”


The team has called for “patience” and “faith” from fans as they look at other avenues to continue representing PUBG in eSports and beyond, and also acknowledged that there are bound to be a lot of questions unanswered at this moment in time: “We understand that this will raise a lot of questions and that there will be significant amounts of speculation. There are a large number of factors involved in the decision and a lot of time was spent evaluating our options.”

The full statement, which can be read here, continues to emphasise their disappointment in having to make the announcement, and that it wasn’t a decision that has been taken lightly. We hope to hear more information in the coming days regarding the Auzom Premier League’s cancellation.

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