PUBG – Broadcaster Royale EU Open Qualifiers Are Underway

PUBG – Broadcaster Royale EU Open Qualifiers Are Underway


The Broadcaster Royale EU Open Qualifiers are underway, bringing the cream of the crop to the forefront for a unique Duos tournament in PUBG.

Broadcaster Royale presents a high-octane competition that invites the biggest names on Twitch to compete in what is considered a game-changing tournament for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Teams that accumulate the highest points within their respective region will earn the opportunity to head to this year’s TwitchCon, where they will compete in the tournament’s finals on the finest gaming laptops that tech has to offer. Not only are players enthralled in competition for a $300,000 prize, but there’s also a chance for the winners to have their own in-game items to be sold in PUBG.

What makes it so unique is that it provides a platform for PUBG fans to compete against Twitch streamers/partners to take a piece of the grand prize. Season 1 concluded with thousands of members of the game’s community taking the fight to the likes of Lil_Lexi, Shroud, Sacriel and other renowned partners of the popular streaming format.

Looking to check out the action to see how it unfolds? Head over to the official Broadcaster Royale Twitch channel. The Grand Finals meanwhile will take place across three days at the end of next month.

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