PUBG Corp. Reports Operating Revenue of $920 Million

PUBG Corp. Reports Operating Revenue of $920 Million


PUBG Corp, the parent company of the renowned PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has reported $920 Million in operating revenues, and $310 Million in operating profit last year, which is being predominantly led by the Asian markets.

It has also been reported that the PC platform was listed as the format that gained the most revenue, which stood at $790 Million, which is understandable given how much longer it was out on PC for before hitting Xbox One. As for the global operating revenues, 64% of this was accounted for by the Asian markets. Given that this rather high percentage, which makes up operating revenues of around $487 Million, it is understandable as to why PUBG Corp. announced the PUBG China eSports plan which will see three pro leagues taking place in the country, which includes PUBG Development League, the PUBG Champions League and the PCL Preseason.

The announcement came from the Krafton Game Union PUBG Corp, who were created by Bluehole to act as a publisher for the popular battle royale title. With the company announcing net profits of $462 Million in 2018, it’s safe to say that PUBG continues to be a roaring global commercial success, and looks to be making further strides in competitive gaming going forward.

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