PUBG – DarkSpawn Gaming Pick Up Legends Arena Win

PUBG – DarkSpawn Gaming Pick Up Legends Arena Win


Today marked an impressive win for DarkSpawn Gaming, who placed first in the PUBG Legends Arena. With a roster consisting of FFS Owen, Remedy, ShaneUK and Daannyy, the team beat out the likes of runners up Orks GP and Wintex-Lootorious to take the top spot.

Victory was sealed by DarkSpawn hitting a total of 385 points across three rounds, scoring 100, 155 and 130 in each respectively. Racking up a total of 25 kills, the team put on an impressive display to edge out Orks GP, who tallied 19 kills for a total points score of 340. Making up the top three was Wintex-Lootorious, who put on a stirring show in the third round to break into third place.

The Legends Arena hosts weekly competitions for the ever-growing and thriving PUBG community, consisting of both national leagues and cups. It offers up a place where fellow players can face-off in a competitive environment, be it with teammates or players they’ve never met before. The Legends Arena brings PUBG tournaments in a variety of formats also, including Solo, Duo and Squads.

If you’re interested in competing in the Legends Arena, then be sure to create an account on the official website, with all community tournaments offering free entry.

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