Tiger Mafia and Gosu Crew Lead Charge into PUBG APL Closed Qualifiers

Tiger Mafia and Gosu Crew Lead Charge into PUBG APL Closed Qualifiers


It was an interesting weekend for the competitive side of PUBG, particularly with the Auzom Premier League (APL) NA and EU Open Qualifiers taking place over the course of the two days.

B3LA Family Gaming, Stellar, Tiger Mafia, Mock-It ESports, Odense ESports and Great People Only all ran out as winners of their respective lobbies in match 1 of the European qualifiers. Meanwhile, as Day 1 wrapped up on the North America side, we saw victories for EvilNation, Four Kings and Gosu Crew.

From each region, 24 eager PUBG teams will be advancing through to next weekend’s closed qualifiers, with Tiger Mafia sitting top of the pile in Europe and Gosu Crew leading the way in North America.

Tiger Mafia in particular conjured up some pretty impressive statistics, with a 100% top-10 placements throughout, a record matched by Mock-It Esports and Great People Only. Topping the leaderboard with 4088 Total Scores and 73 kills, Tiger Mafia also had an average round placement of 3.4, and will be among the favourites going into next week’s qualifiers.

Remember to keep an eye on the official Auzom website for any updates ahead of the closed qualifiers, and head over to the official Twitch channel on the 6th and 7th October for all the PUBG action.

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