Punches in Bunches! The Best Punches in Fighting Games

Punches in Bunches! The Best Punches in Fighting Games


In terms of considering a character balanced for a fighting game they need to be just as good with their feet as they are with their hands. It comes as no surprise then that there are some characters then that are truly awesome throwing the ol’ fists around. So as tough as it was, I decided to do a short list and present to you:

DarkSpawn Gaming’s Top 5 Best Punches in Fighting Games:

5. Millennium Punch – Bryan Fury – Tekken Series
While this may not be the actual name of this move anyone who has played Tekken and has faced Bryan Fury knows exactly what we are talking about. This punch has an insane mixture of power and speed and can easily munch a quarter of your health should you be caught with it on the counter attack. This thunderous punch can be executed quicker than most people can react and so one minute you are ready to do some offense and the next thing you know your character is skidding along the ground on the back their head with their nose looking flatter a steam rolled monk fish. It is the sheer surprise behind this punch that puts it on this list and to add to its already terrifying capabilities; in Tekken 7 they went added armour to it, just to make it unstoppable as well. So now I guess you know why we named it the Millennium punch? You don’t, well that’s simple, when this punch lands, it knocks you into the next millennium.

Bryan Fury Tekken

4. Falcon Punch – Captain Falcon – Smash Series
Spawning an entire Internet meme sensation this is easily one of the most recognisable shouts in fighting games today. Ask any random gamer about Captain Falcon and most of them will shout “FALCON! PUNCH!” right into your face rather than tell about his glory days on the race track. With a bit of a charge time it is a tricky punch to land but there is no doubt that this is one of the most satisfying punches in gaming history to land on an opponent as it usually sends them into orbit upon connecting. Now most people tend to think as there is a charge time that landing this punch is practically impossible but when you are in an 8 player game landing this punch is much easier than you’d think. This punch is usually best thrown at anyone preoccupied or with their back tuned, anyone in this situation is going to get the fiery fist of doom smashed into their back their head or jaw and will not only be seeing stars but will be joining them up there.

Captain Falcon Smash Bros

3. Dashing Straight – Q – 3rd Strike: Street Fighter 3
Confused? Who, or what, is Q I hear you pondering. Well, Q the 7 foot tall man (well, allegedly it’s a man, some say it’s a robot) in Street Fighter with a really mean punch on him. You see, Q isn’t exactly the quickest or even most fluid of fighters so most people try to keep him at distance which is a mistake. This punch not only allows Q to close an entire screen of distance in a blink but when he connects, and he will trust me, you fly back and actually bounce off the wall and land right at this things feet where he will continue this monstrous assault. The insane distance and bone crushing of this punch easily puts it up there with the greatest in fighting games but due to the characters obscurity not many people will have ever seen it but trust me, getting on the wrong of this punch can mean the difference between winning and having your faced squashed underneath a malicious but well-dressed foot.

Q Street Fighter 3

2. Wind-Up Punch – Jack – Tekken Series
We all love the idea of winning a round in a fighting game with one move but no one character could do that, could they? Enter Jack, the famous Schwarzenegger inspired series of robots in Tekken and yes, they have single punch they can win a round from the start. The wind-up punch is so ridiculous, so over powered and literally takes around 7 seconds to charge. Jack literally start winding up his arm counting up to 5 as he does, he then unleashes the almighty god killing punch onto what hapless fool has stood there let him charge the blow. This will wipe any character in one punch, no matter what size, no matter how much health there is no one that can stand up to the wind-up punch and for that reason this is why this punch is easily one of the best punches in fighting games, not quite the best but second place is still pretty good.

Jack Tekken

1. Haymaker – Shao Kahn – Mortal Kombat Series
Up until this point all the other punches mentioned have been special moves, requiring an input commands or having charges times. This one however is just a straight punch, a single button with no charge, no delay but with an absolute world destroying impact. Shao Kahn’s haymaker is the stuff of absolute nightmares as any time it is landed at one third of your health disappears, along with any momentum you may have been building. This beastly punch will knock off your feet, out of your boots and leave on the other side screen as a literally fountain of blood spills out of every hole in your face. Then to make matters worse, he only goes and taunts you afterward. This punch is so traumatic that I’m pretty sure most hospitals now have a Shao Kahn recovery room where people just go to talk about their horrific experiences of having their face punch through to their back of their heads by the big bugger while he laughed in their faces. Add all this together and this is why this earth shattering punch is easily the most recognisable and greatest punch in the history of fighting games.

Shao Kahn Mortal Kombat

Was there any particular Knuckle Sandwich you remember and want to mention? Perhaps you have your own favourite Bunch of Fives you want to highlight? Whatever it was, be sure to drop a comment and tell us the Norwegian Greeting that has stuck with you the longest.

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