Richard Karlsson Joins DarkSpawn Gaming As LoL Assistant Coach

Richard Karlsson Joins DarkSpawn Gaming As LoL Assistant Coach


As the UKLC rolls on, DarkSpawn Gaming has announced the introduction of Richard Karlsson as an assistant coach, who will be conducting mental training with the players. In light of this announcement, we asked Karlsson for his thoughts on the split so far and what he makes of DarkSpawn’s performance.

DS: What do you think of the UKLC so far?

Karlsson: The UKLCS is quite interesting as there is no clear top team. Even though Fnatic and Excel are very good teams, almost every other can take games off of them. MnM and Diabolus have impressed me a lot. I’m quite new to the scene and don’t know a lot about the teams but it seems like most teams don’t have an identity yet, a style that they really know how to play and push their advantages with so to say. And most teams don’t have a great understanding of the basics either, they know what to do in the 1-15 minute mark but after that a lot of teams slow down and are not sure what they should do to end the game.

DS: What have you made of DarkSpawn’s performance?

Karlsson: I think we have performed as well as we could have with us having to play against fnc 50% of our games but we have shown a lot of improvements in scrims so I’m very hopeful and looking forward to future games.

DS: And what are your aims going forward?

Karlsson: I used to coach about a year back and my goals was to make it to the big scene and work with the best players, I have massive respect for coaches like Ziks, LS, Prolly and Weldon. They have very different ways of coaching but they all found a way to success and that’s what I’m aiming for. My dream is still the same as then.

Keep a close eye on the action this week, as DarkSpawn Gaming look to find their second win of the competition against Phelan Gaming.

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