Rocket League Championship Series Season 7 Introduces South American Region

Rocket League Championship Series Season 7 Introduces South American Region


Details for the seventh Rocket League Championship Series have been announced, and will be offering a $1 million prize pool once again. Qualifiers for the competition kick off in March, whilst Season 7 begins on April 6th.

The biggest addition of the new season is the introduction of the South American region, having previously started out with just North America and Europe, season 3 saw the introduction of Oceania, and has also offered an ever-growing prize pool to the building list of regions that are included in the RLCS. Given that the competition is an 8-team event, there may be slots lost for previous regions to accommodate the inclusion of South America, and it remains to be seen how the prize pool will be divided amongst the four.

Psyonix also recently made the announcement that cross-platform play would be available with PlayStation, making it possible to crossover with PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for the first time. RLCS Season 7 will be the first to have players from all platforms able to face off against one another, making this upcoming competition the most unique and intriguing for the indie smash hit yet.

RLCS 7 gets underway on April 6th, and keep an eye out for the qualifiers for the tournament starting in March.

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