Rocket League ‘Renegade Cup’ Kicks Off Next Week

Rocket League ‘Renegade Cup’ Kicks Off Next Week


Next week sees the start of the four month-long Renegade Cup, contested by the Rocket League eSports community. Kicking off in October, Europe’s Rocket Baguette’s Grand Prix and North America’s Project Phoenix of Rival eSports will guide you through the respective tournaments.


Both European and North American regions’ sign ups are now live, with all matches set to take place online. EU players can register here, whilst North American players can head here to take part. Team that place 1st by the end of the monthly tournaments will qualify for a place in the Cup Finals, made up by each region’s four winners.

Meanwhile, those who rack up the most Renegade Cup points will make up the other eight places. The Cup Finals will take place over three days, contested by 12 teams in double elimination brackets. Each match-up will be in best-of-three format, until the Grand Finals which will be Best of seven. The Winners/Losers Final meanwhile will be Best of five.

In other RL eSports news, the EU Rival Series is now live, bringing with it a number of fan rewards if you plan on tuning in. Broadcasts for RLCS, Rival Series and Collegiate Rocket League will now have three sets of Fan Rewards available. By watching these three streams, fans can earn rewards simply by linking their Twitch accounts to their preferred platform.

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