ROCKET LEAGUE: Revs Up For Full Cross-Play

ROCKET LEAGUE: Revs Up For Full Cross-Play


It seems that you don’t have to be the biggest game in the world to grab Sony’s attention as the smash indie hit Rocket League now has full cross-play as well. Starting with Fortnite, Sony began feeling the pressure from the gaming community when it refused to play nice with Microsoft and Nintendo and so they first announced that they would allow cross-play with the title. In case you’re unaware cross play allows you to play online against people from other systems such as PS4 players competing in the same match as Xbox, Switch and PC players.

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The feature is currently in beta but cross play was in demand from the Rocket League community for quite some time and was suspected last year when Psyonix held off activating their cross-party feature. The cross-party feature was to be put in place to allow players from different platforms to party up before a game and was supposed to go live around October last year. When this held back many people then suspected this delay was to implement the PlayStation 4 into the feature which seems to have been the case.

With the success of Rocket League it will be a safe bet that once the beta finishes that the full cross play feature will remain as standard in the game. It would seems unwise for Sony to join in on something like this after taking so much flack and then decide to not keep it going. If anything, it seems that Sony is finally ready to look at cross play a bit more seriously and with any luck we may see more games get the full cross play treatment.

Released in July 2015 Rocket League has been a massive success and has had a steady player base that shows no sign of slowing down in the future. For those that don’t know the game, Rocket League is best described as a car football game (soccer for our American readers) where two teams of up to four vehicles must use their speed and agility to score goals against their opposing team. The cars themselves can jump, glide and can even be used as battering rams to eliminate players on the opposing team should they get your way once too often. With a host of pitches, vehicles and an awesome soundtrack Rocket League was met with critical acclaim. If you have never played it before then now may be the perfect time to give it a go as it is more than likely that the cross-play news will boost the player base even further.

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Rocket League is a game that perfectly suits cross play as no system has an advantage over the other. Being able to team up with friends on other systems will also allow for more full teams to cooperate on their tactics which will lead to some truly great games. What I hope to see myself personally though is games or even entire leagues set up to allow teams of one platform such as PS4 players to go against teams of Switch, PC and Xbox teams, a sort of petrol fueled champions league if you will. After all, what we all really want to see from cross- play is a whole new kind of console war.

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