Should Rage Quitters Receive More Severe Punishments?

Should Rage Quitters Receive More Severe Punishments?


It seems in this day and age we still need to address the very immature factor of rage quitting. Let me ask you this, how many times have been playing online and been on an absolute rampage? Maybe it’s a huge kill steak, maybe you’re 4 goals ahead or you’ve kicked Kazuya’s head in twice and have one more round to win. Whatever it is, we all know when you’re on top of your game there is no better feeling. So we all know the annoyance of when you’re kicking butt, taking names and generally feeling like an all-round demi-god only to have the opponent quit and you lose your progress and all the experience you gained with it. It’s enough to make you eat your controller in anger.

It pains me to say it but rage quitting is still a huge thing in the online gaming community. To this day I will never understand why people who play video games as a form of entertainment take them so seriously that they would rather quit the game than lose a match, I have even seen people quit simple because their opponent was vastly superior to them. What they don’t realise is by doing this they have no idea how it can affect the other players, rage quitting has the ability to throw the good player off their game and into a losing rut of their own. Strange as this may seem but any player will tell when you’re in the groove and suddenly you’re thrown out of a game you don’t have the same energy for the next game.

Rage Quit Quitality(I see this all too often)

Even in a team based game rage quitters can cause apocalyptic problems. Overwatch is a 6v6 game and sometimes it can really come down to the wire when you are trying to hold the line against an absolute onslaught. So let’s say one your guys have been getting absolutely creamed and decides to throw a strop that would embarrass a toddler and quits. Suddenly you’re a man down and your line has become stretched to the point where poor ol’ Reinhardt can no longer hold the bullets, rockets and ninja stars off. His shield breaks, the enemy plough through him and barrel round the corner mincing the smaller members of your team as they do. What you then find is suddenly it’s just you playing as Lucio staring down the 4 remaining enemy players. Needless to say, it doesn’t go well, your team can’t respawn and get back into formation in time and so, you lose. All this because one player wasn’t happy with the amount of times he was killed.

Winston Rage(This is the only rage I want to see in Overwatch)

There are games that have tried to punish rage quitting such as displaying a disconnection rate to give players a heads up on the people they are about to play against or banning players from playing rank games for 24 hours. These are decent ideas but if I had an opinion (and you know I do) it would be this. Anyone that rage quits, even once, is then only matched up against other people who rage quit, no exceptions. Anyone with 0% disconnection rate only plays against people with the same level of respect and integrity.

All in all, what I am getting at in this short but sweet article is that all you rage quitters should start taking your lumps and see things through to the end. After all, you can’t do that in real life, at least not yet anyway.

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