SKYRIM TOGETHER: Co-Op Mod Enters Closed Beta Stage

SKYRIM TOGETHER: Co-Op Mod Enters Closed Beta Stage


Skyrim is, of course, an epic game. However, it has been a solitary pursuit up until now. I am not entirely sure how a co-op mode would actually feel although hopefully a human player would lack the woodenness of your computer-controlled characters.

Nonetheless, time marches on and a Co-Op Mode is marching tantalizingly into view. The Skyrim Together mod, which has just hit beta stage, allows the Dragonborn to adventure with up to 8 other Dragonborn. Incidentally, the prospect of others like you is left open when the Greybeards elliptically tell you that your the only one who has come forward ‘at that point’ when you first make their acquaintance.

Before the mod is put on general release, the mods patrons will be able to try it out first:

Soon we’ll be opening the doors for our loyal patrons for a temporary closed beta – Don’t fear, this will shortly available for all. This period will be used to measure traffic, any emergency fixes and stability. The smoother this runs the faster we’ll have it out for you guys. I want to firstly explicitly say that this will be a short closed-beta, the intention is to release it publicly shortly after.

Although the current limit is 8 players there are plans to increase that number. Bethseda blocked the release of the mod on Steam so it will be downloaded with its own launcher. Servers are set initially to be based in the EU, again with suitable plans for expansion.

A note of caution has to be struck however as there is “currently have no release date of either the closed or open beta, the open will be announced potentially a week or two after the closed.” The mod will also only be available on PC. Still, it looks like something worth keeping an eye on and we await further news with interest.


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