SOULCALIBUR VI: Data Mining Leads To Hints On New Characters

SOULCALIBUR VI: Data Mining Leads To Hints On New Characters


SoulCalibur 6 was unleashed last year to rave reviews from the critics and gamers alike. Fans of the series and newcomers were equally impressed by games unbelievable graphics, smooth gameplay and stellar amount of single player content. It’s no surprise then that people of been clamouring for more and since the games release we have been given DLC fighters Tira from previous games and guest fighter 2B from NieR:Automata. The PC crowd however are an impatience bunch and so they have been data mining the daylights out of the game and have come across a few files that may point to the games next DLC characters.

SoulCalibur VI 2B

Within the games files data miners have found code names for upcoming fighters, the code names found are Stone, Yell, Star, Snow, Reptile and Yellow. Of course the Internet exploded with the theories of who relates to these names. Being a big fan of the series myself it wouldn’t exactly be a huge leap to assume that the code name Stone relates to the original heavyweight of the series, Rock. Rock was in the original Soul Edge (or Soul Blade depending on your region) and wasn’t exactly very different from the now familiar heavyweight of the SoulCalibur series Astaroth. Unlike Astaroth however, Rock was a huge almost barbarian looking human with a Rhino, Elephant or Buffalo skin usually draped over him and moved a bit faster that the golem Astaroth. The code name Reptile also points to series favourite Lizardman, who hasn’t been exactly a series staple but there is always a reference to him or his race in the games. In his playable incarnations he was known for wielding a hand-axe and shield and using fast attacks, similar to that of Sophitia. Unlike the fan art favourite Sophitia however, Lizardmans attacks were vicious and brutal, he also well known for being able to juggle people for ring outs from the middle of stage.

SoulCalibur Lizardman

As for the code names Yell, Star, Yellow and Snow there have been some very thin and far reaching theories but to be honest they don’t make a lot of sense and as usual it seems the Internet is clutching at straws. Some sites are saying there are links to Hilde, Hwang and Algol in the code names but I just can’t see it. I could take a few shots in the dark myself but I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself in front of so many people. That being said, I’m a sucker for guest characters in fighting games and would love to see another famous face or two go toe to toe with the Soulcalibur cast. Maybe Yellow could relate to Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion for all we know, with NetherRealm getting so many guests into their games maybe they have decided to finally let one of their guys go out to another game. I seriously doubt it but that would be pretty cool.

I will say however that I am a huge fan of the game and whoever the remaining characters are I’m sure they will add to an already outstanding games.

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