Sports Clothing Brand Puma Partners with Cloud9

Sports Clothing Brand Puma Partners with Cloud9


Renowned Sports clothing brand has announced that they will be entering the world of eSports by becoming the official provider of game-day wear for the Cloud9 LCS team.

Cloud9 have hinted that there could be further deals with Puma down the line, with the current deal covering the 2019 Spring Split. This will see the Puma logo appearing on the team’s jersey, and will also provide women’s apparel. This is Puma’s first step into competitive gaming, but are familiar with the gaming industry after a brand deal with Pro Evolution Soccer back in 2014, and join the likes of Champion as a clothing brand who teamed with Team Dignitas, whilst K-Swiss partnered with Immortals. The terms of Puma’s deal have yet to be disclosed.


Head of digital marketing for Puma, Matt Shaw, commented: “This deal gives us ability to be a part of more things our kids love, and that’s how our brand moves the culture forward. “Cloud9 is really uniquely posed to help us do that.” Meanwhile, Cloud9 head of partnerships Jordan Udko added: “There’s a lot of potential for growth on both sides, so we’re ecstatic that this is only the beginning of the partnership.”

The spring LCS season begins on January 26th.

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