Star Citizen free-to-play event commences 23 November

Star Citizen free-to-play event commences 23 November


Massively multiplayer space exploration, combat and trading game, Star Citizen, will be free-to-play for eight days from 23 November to 30 November.

The event is in recognition of Hurston being recently implemented into the Star Citizen universe. Hurston is a large traversable planet that has an atmosphere similar to Earth’s but has been heavily polluted by industrial activity creating an enduring smog. The celestial body features numerous outposts (Hurston Mining Centers), biomes and orbiting moons to seek out which will keep intrepid intergalactic explorers busy.

Hurston is also home to Lorville, a sprawling city with several districts that even has its own rail-based transit system to help you get around. The metropolitan area can be accessed by landing at a designated landing zone whilst being careful to navigate around the no-fly zones which are imposed above the city. Lorville clearly takes rules seriously, as straying into a no-fly zone will result in the destruction of your ship.

The free-to-play period kicks off on 23 November at 8am PST / 4pm GMT. On each day up to and including 30 November, a specific manufacturer will allow all ships within its fleet to be played for free for that day only. A total of 80 ships will be made available to fly throughout the course of the event. Further details of the ships which can be played and when can be found by checking the free fly schedule page.

The promotion is a great opportunity to try out Star Citizen if you haven’t already. Having played the most recent update, it really was a great feeling warping to Hurston with heat enveloping my ship as I descended into its atmosphere. The seamless transition into landing at Lorville gave me a great sense of depth and scale that I hadn’t experienced with many games before.

To get started with Star Citizen, you’ll need to create a Roberts Space Industries account, download the launcher and then download the game – all of which can be done for free until 30 November. If you want to carry on playing after 30 November then you’ll need to pay. One of the cheapest options is to purchase a £43.20 ‘starter pack’ where you can choose between two different ships to get you going.

If, however, the starter spacecraft aren’t glitzy enough and you fancy bucking the Black Friday craze then you could always splash out and pilot the ‘RSI Constellation Aquilla’. It might leave a black hole in your wallet though as it costs almost £300!

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