Stardew Valley Delves Into Esports For Its Third Anniversary

Stardew Valley Delves Into Esports For Its Third Anniversary


There has been a few gaming titles here and there which have been turning a few heads when they announced themselves on the competitive gaming scene (Farming Simulator comes to mind). But surely, nobody would have expected such a relaxing game such as Stardew Valley to try their hand at eSports, but here we are.

The streaming platform Twitch has been hosting an event in which players have been tasked to see who can collect the most gold or bundles before the game finishes. It isn’t as high-octane as the typical titles usually found in eSports, but for those who love farming, fishing, crafting and more were in for a real treat. It isn’t everyone’s idea of competition in gaming, but what’s the harm in showcasing a passion for virtual farming once in a while? It’s certainly not something even creator Eric Barone was expecting, who stated that the idea “frankly is not something I ever expected to see.”

Stardew Valley is a highly recommended game for those who want a change of pace from the hustle and bustle of FPS and so on, though following on from recent events it now it seems it has a competitive streak in it too.

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  • Drunkfu1

    4th March 2019

    I like the idea of esports Stardew Valley.. ExTreEME FARMING now sponsored by MONSTER!


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