Street Fighter V: Ad-cade Edition

Street Fighter V: Ad-cade Edition


It’s no secret that Street Fighter V had a bumpy start, in fact that is a really polite way to put it. A more honest and blunt way to put it is that Street Fighter V’s launch was about as successful as Chris Evans Top Gear career. Slowly but surely though Street Fighter V started to get its own identity, started releasing new characters that could be unlocked (abet some serious grinding had to be done) and even starting releasing free unlockable outfits. Everything seemed to be finally going in the right direction for the fighting game giant.

However, it seems that Capcom is not happy with this run of good status and customer relationships and so had decided to commit one the ultimate sins. As of 11th December Street Fighter V will contain ads, not the usual video ads that you can skip but Capcoms own branded ads. These will be placed onto fighters as shown below.

Street Fighter V

Now, they have stated these ads can be turned off but in doing so you will receive less fight money rewards and may even be unable to unlock certain things in the future.  As Capcom themselves have put it ads will “be displayed in several locations in-game to remind you about costumes, bundles, and the Capcom Pro Tour.” Now, we gamers have heard some howlers in our time but this one takes the whole tin of biscuits. I only hope that this gets so much backlash that it is removed as all this will do is allow other game developers to jump on this bandwagon (looking at you EA) and start charging us for games and then micro transactions to remove the ads or something to that effect. Basically the micro transaction filled world of mobile games could spill over into the world of real games if Capcom have anything to do it.

The thing that really is upsetting a lot of people however is that most Street Fighter V players have either spent their hard earned money (both real money and fight money) on an outfit that they can be proud for their character of choice. After all this they now learn that it will be covered in tacky stickers and logos and if they turn these logos off they potentially lose out on future costumes and stages. That is the ultimate insult to any fan of the franchise.

So it pains me that after these 2 long years of supporting Capcom and their pigs ear of a launch for Street Fighter V that they have decided to reward its fans by taking a few steps back and then charge forward and sink their ad covered boots into our delicate parts.

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