Subnautica Splashing its way on to PS4

Subnautica Splashing its way on to PS4


Deep Rising

Aquatic survival game Subnautica is finally set to splash down on PlayStation 4 in just over a week on December 4th (Physical copies from Dec 7th). While that date could still change, I for one am very excited to pick this up again, having had a blast with the PC version in Early access.

Developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, Subnautica came to PC on early access back in December 2014 and went full release as of January 2018, with Xbox players getting a version from May 2016. PlayStation owners have been left high and dry, until now, with Panic Button (bringing the likes of DOOM and more recently Warframe to Nintendo Switch) on board to port it over to the platform.


What Lies Beneath

If you are not yet familiar with the title, Subnautica is a survival game with a spin on the genre. After crash landing your spacecraft, you find yourself stranded on a beautiful but unforgiving aquatic world. With only a beat up escape pod and a few essentials to hand, you’ll have to hunt for food and, oddly enough water. You’ll gather up materials to craft new tools, habitats and vehicles, all the while keeping an eye on your oxygen levels. It’s possible to create vast, sprawling underwater dwellings where corridors connect observation decks to living quarters. You can even build entire solar farms to run high tech gear.

As you go in search of increasingly rare resources, you’ll find yourself having to dive deeper and deeper into the dark depths of the submarine environment, where who knows what could be lurking. This is one area in particular where the game excels in its design. That foreboding sense of the unknown, the isolation. When coupled with excellent eerie sound effects it really has the ability to get you on edge.

Of course, sometimes you’d rather just explore and build without constant impending starvation and dehydration. Subnautica has you covered, offering Freedom and Creative modes, somewhat like Peaceful and… Well, Creative mode in Minecraft.


Sinking Feeling

Regretfully but perhaps understandably, there probably won’t be any PSVR support. This being due to performance constraints, where PC players have been able to enjoy the game with VR support. While this may be a little disappointing, it shouldn’t detract from what is a detailed and rich game world. With so much to see and do with a great freedom to create. This is one to watch, not just for survival fans but any players wanting to get lost in a well-crafted alien landscape.

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