SuNny And Oskar Comment On MouseSports CS:GO Departure

SuNny And Oskar Comment On MouseSports CS:GO Departure


Following the announcement of their departures from Mousesports, Tomas ‘oskar’ Sastny and Miikka ‘suNny’ Kemppi have both released statements on social media as they head off to pastures new.

Mouz announced the signing of three players for their CS:GO team, as the duo makes way and have also shared their thoughts on their exits. Sunny, who took to Twitter to discuss his departure, and assured that no bad blood exists, something which has also been reiterated by now former teammate Fragger. You can read Sunny’s statement in the image below:

Meanwhile, Oskar also took to Twitter to share his final thoughts on leaving Mouz, stating: “GG. I would like to thank all the people supporting me during my time in mouz. We achieved what we could and were capable of. We tried to reach more but were not successful. Thanks to all my teammates who were a part of the success we had. With love, your free agent.”

This change-up in roster will be giving Mousesports a slight overhaul it seems, and fans will be able to check out the new line-up when they take on Fnatic in the second week of ECS Season 7, which will be a highly-anticipated match, perhaps now even more so.

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