Super Smash Bros Ultimate Release Date and News

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Release Date and News


By now, you may have heard about the honest-to-goodness entries under this title. This is because Super Smash Bros Ultimate is not a simple remake of the version that was brought forth by Nintendo 3DS or Wii U. Other than this, the developers of this game have also added new fighters in the game alongside the DLC, third-party characters from the previous version.

Alongside the large roster of characters that are returning to this title, Nintendo has also surprised us with three exclusively new sets of characters. These include Richter and Simon Belmont from Castlevania, King K. Rool, Simon, Daisy and Inkling. All of these had been revealed at the E3 with n overwhelming reception from fans at the event.

These three sets of characters are part of the latest Echo Fighter system that has been introduced in the game. This system takes individual characters from the game and allows us to rework their abilities. With every rework, gamers are allowed for a familiar character but different play-style.

Alongside the Echo Fighter system, the game is also introducing new maps and items that will go along beautifully with the characters. The series director – Masahiro Sakurai has personally overseen the mechanical tweaks of the original game and there are literally hundreds of changes for gamers to discover.

It might even seem a little overzealous, but this game is probably the closest a game can get to completion. On top of that, Super Smash Bros Ultimate also has great potential to be included in eSports.

The Release Date

In this year’s E3, Nintendo Direct had announced that Super Smash Bros will be coming out on the 7th of December. Not only will the base of the game be available on this date, but the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Switch Bundle will also be up for grabs. The latter includes download codes that will improve the overall gaming experience. With these, there will also be an added customized docking station, a console and a special controller.


News and Rumors

The best news about this game is that everyone is here! Every character that was playable in the previous version has been featured here – every single one. Nintendo has announced sixty characters which include Pichu from the Super Smash Bros Melee and the return of the duo – Ice Climbers. There will also be some cross over characters in this game like the Solid Snake and Sonic.

The very first new characters that were introduced included Inkling – who is from the Splatoon series and Ridley the space pirate from the Metroid series. The latter even seems to be a character that is completely aerial focused and has some amazing dive bomb moves.

The Inkling character is available as both – a girl and a boy character with dozens of clothing choices for each. His/her attack moves are based on a plethora of weapons which are all available in Splatoon. In E3, however, gamers found out that the inked opponents tended to have received more damage than other choices of weapons.

Recently, Nintendo also introduced the gaming community to Simon Belmont. Alongside this character, we were also able to catch a glimpse of King K. Rool, who is a villain in the shape of a hulking crocodile. This character originates from the Donkey King County games.

There Will Be DLC

On 1st November, Nintendo Direct made the gaming universe happy by saying that they are also introducing DLC characters. This includes Ken from Street Fighter, Icineroar – the fire type Pokemon. Both of these are the final two characters that have been revealed and this brings the list to about 74 revealed characters. The list won’t stop there though. Nintendo Direct has also announced that five more pieces of DLC fighter will be added in the coming year for the bonus stages of the game. These characters will also be brought forward with some additional sound tracks.


The World of Light

A lot of information about the game’s adventure mode has also been revealed. The premise of this mode is that everyone in the world has been cast out of the physical dimension – except of course your character. You will have to play your character to reunite the spirits in the spiritual plane which is known as the World of Light. Over the summer, Nintendo had launched a trailer which hinted toward this mode as we could see the Grim Reaper rip out the soul of Luigi.

This then ties with a separate offering of the game called Spirit Mode. Here you will find yourself battling with opponents to free spirits of the third party characters. These spirits will then be used to enhance your battling stats while swaying the tide in your favor as the mode gets harder.

All these modes of the game will not change the core and ultimate Smash Bros experience too much, but there will definitely be some extra perks for you. Here you will be able to collect trophies which add increments to the tactics of your character, while also getting some rare collectibles along the way.

Will There Be Inclusion of eSports?

We all know that eSports is a relatively new and ever growing field. Super Smash Bros’ offerings will definitely make it a great contender for the world of eSports as a representation of Nintendo. This is because the series has a huge fan following and it is already clear that there is going to be a lot of competitive play when it is launched.

Other than the game’s potential, Japan has also begun to reduce their previous regulations around gaming tournaments. This had put a halt for eSports to flourish in the country, but now Super Smash Bros can definitely dive in and make a great splash. Also, with this game, we can clearly see how seriously Nintendo plans on taking this title.

That said, while we wait for the game to join the ranks of PUBG and Fortnite – which it will – we highly recommend this game to all fellow gamers. 7th December – save the date!

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